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TriCoreTraining is an online endurance sport training plan service (running, biking, triathlon) for athletes who want to be perfectly prepared for their competitions or sport goals.

Our motto is “Reach Your Goal With a Plan“. 🎯

You're right here, if you

  • are looking for an online marathon training service / software / coach
  • want to train with an online triathlon training service / software / coach
  • are searching for half marathon running schedules
  • want to finish an Ironman / Half-Ironman
  • are a beginner and need a training programm
  • ❤️ triathlon / marathon / running / biking
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Get individual training plans

Receive individual training plans based on your sport type and race date.

Get individual training plans

Analyze your workouts

Define your max. training hours

Decide how much time you have per week for your workouts.

Scientificly proven plans

The training plans are based on Joe Friel's triathlon bible.

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TriCoreTraining helped me in my training for my Ironmans and many other races. Thank you.

Nicolaus Reimer, 39, 6x Ironman

I reached my perfect body while I did my TriCoreTraining training for two Half-Ironmans a year

Klaus-M. S., 38, Triathlete since 2003

I am a rookie at triathlon, but now I go for Ironman Austria with TriCoreTraining - great!

Bernhard R., 32, Triathlon rookie

My marathon time is down to 3 hours 27 minutes. Thanks to TriCoreTraining and its training plans.

Clemens P., 34, 2x Ironman

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