About TriCoreTraining – Reach your Goal with a Plan for Triathlon and Marathon

Why we developed it?

Clemens and I were looking for the perfect training programme for us for a long time but we couldn’t find a satisfying online coach for us. For many years we have trained with various coaches and online training schedule services but they all had some or many problems and disadvantages if you are a busy employee with a family and other interests.



Interactive training plan service

So we decided to create an organisation where we can provide an online coach for enthusiatic athletes.

With a lot of motivation we started the training schedule service project in 2009 and fed the project with all our experience, wishes, development skills and of course the knowledge of others.

TriCoreTraining is a cheap, interactive online endurance sports training service (running, biking, triathlon) for hobby athletes who are working (maybe have a family) and want to be perfectly prepared for their competitions or sport goals.

Our motto

Reach Your Goals With A Training Plan“.

The benefits for you, if you decide to go with TriCoreTraining:

  • Easy handling – cool, userfriendly design
  • Mobile optimized
  • Training system of the pros – easy to use
  • Optimized for employed / working athletes
  • Cheap
  • Fully interactive – reacts on changes of the athlete or environment
  • Specific training with overview about the training phases
  • Highest training success, minimal invest in creating training schedules

Medically approved

The training system follows the well-known and medically approved system of periodization with a repeating load and relief. The system divides your season in various phases and provides perfect training workouts for running, biking or swimming (depending on your goals).

Doesn’t matter if you want to finish a triathlon (Ironman, half-Ironman, olympic distance or sprint distance), a runners’ race (marathon, half marathon, 5-10 km run) or a bike race (30-300 km), the TriCoreTraining system supports you in creating training schedules specific for you with essential statistics.

Within a short time you will achieve your goals and lose weight.

“Reach your goals with a training plan”.

We will improve and enhance this interactive online training system and hope that you find TriCoreTraining awesome!


You can read more about the operator of TriCoreTraining in our Imprint page.