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Better: Data Privacy, new Owner, new Update

Data privacy

Your data privacy is important and that’s why we not only upgraded your data privacy agreement and terms of service, but also upgraded TriCoreTraining and improved it (eg. secure website with SSL now).

Please read our data privacy agreement, if you’re interested in it. Whenever you want to know about your data stored with us, want it changed or removed, just contact us.

TriCoreTraining got acquired

Great news, from May 2018 onwards the TriCoreTraining platform is owned by the company of Klaus-M. Schremser. Offers us more possibilities to improve our service. 🎉

Improved TriCoreTraining service

With our security upgrade and offering our website with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) your data are not only even safer now but there is a bunch of new features on TriCoreTraining.

  • The weekly training plan notification is much more structured and some glitches are fixed
  • Facebook login should work again in a few moments
  • We replaced some content which was not that clear :).

If you find any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best, Klaus-M.