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  • What is a marathon?

    Marathon is an endurance race by foot over 26 miles and 385 yards / 42.195 kilometers. It’s an Olympic event for men and women, marathons are done all over the world. To perform a marathon an athlete has to do a lot of preparation and training and often goes to her / his physical limitations. […]

  • My 1st Ironman – pain is temporary, pride is 4ever

    On Aug 27th I finished my 1st Ironman in Podersdorf, Austria. But first things first … In 2003 a friend of mine told me about triathlon and he said that he will finish an Ironman before the age of 36. I didn’t dare to bet on this too. But from then on the thought about […]

  • Top 10 Tips for Marathons

    I’m back from the Vienna City Marathon. Here are some things to think about when you want to have a great race. 1. Have a plan Plan your race and make a todo list. 2. Food is energy

  • Marathon (Run)-Race-Checklist

    At a race it’s always busy and it’s easy to forget something. To avoid this we’ve assembled a checklist for you:

  • Triathlon-Race-Checklist

    At a competition it’s always busy and so it’s easy to forget something. To avoid this, we’ve assembled a checklist for you:

  • Now it's time, the race starts soon

    Two weeks before your race are very important. These PEAK-weeks (if they appear in your training schedule) shall bring your body to your personal peak of your effectiveness (PEAKING). Please stick to your training schedule and don’t overtrain you. You will be confronted with reduced extents in your last week to recover before your race.

  • What can go wrong until my race?

    Before a race most of the athletes are nervous because this is what you trained for. Many athletes do not come to their peak performance, because they fall into certain traps. Avoid the traps before your race

  • Do I need combined workouts?

    If you plan to participate at a triathlon race, then you should get used to trainings in a row. You should get used to it in your training phase and combine different training units.

  • Why do I need defined races?

    If you simply want to do your training. No problem! Our TriCoreTraining system also works without defined races, but it’s more exciting with goals – believe me :-). My hint You should do races, if you want to train systematically. One or more main races are the goal of your training season and your training […]

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