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  • How much do I have to drink during my workout?

    During your training you should know when your body needs nutrition and liquids. Especially for longer workouts (more than 1.5 hours) you should not forget to eat and drink. Also during a race it’s essential to feed your body with new energy at the right moment.

  • I weight too much – can I do workouts?

    The optimal weight for your individual body is not easy to calculate. The BMI-factor is from a medical point of view not a perfect measurement, it is a raw classification whether you are overweighted or not. In general talk to your doctor before starting your workout. With too much weight and wrong ambition you can […]

  • The right nutrition during your workouts

    Nutrition and training are special topics. In the beginning of my triathlon career I didn’t care about nutrition. Soon I had to discover that without the right nutrition a long workout or competition is not easy to finish, if not impossible. I’m soo hungry After each workout I got this immense appetite. A workout needs […]

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