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  • How to use recovery as an advantage

    Your muscles and your endurance do not increase and develop during hard trainings but while recovery and regeneration. Many athletes are so ambitious that they forget this important premise. Recovery can be observed from many views.

  • What to do when you're on vacation?

    On my last sailing trip I stayed at the wonderful Mediterranean Sea but I had a bad feeling about not training too much! That shouldn’t be! Relax In my opinion you should relax on holiday. Vacations should be in your recovery weeks or after a main competition, then you won’t have bad feelings.

  • I feel sick or ill – can I do sport?

    It breaks every athlete’s heart, if you get sick – I know that from my own experience. No training when you’re sick Laying at home in the bed feels very wrong. BUT please do not train as long as you’re ill! Your body becomes weaker and you don’t grow your endurance. If you have flu […]

  • Do I need recovery for a better fitness?

    Recovery is an important part of your training program. Having a break and recovering is not the same as missing a workout. Your body recovers, your cells regenerate, your muscles grow and your endurance increases. This is only possible in a recovery phase. And hell no, if you only have breaks then you won’t achieve […]

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