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  • My 1st Ironman – pain is temporary, pride is 4ever

    On Aug 27th I finished my 1st Ironman in Podersdorf, Austria. But first things first … In 2003 a friend of mine told me about triathlon and he said that he will finish an Ironman before the age of 36. I didn’t dare to bet on this too. But from then on the thought about […]

  • Why Every Triathlete Should Love

    After I finished a 100km bike workout, I wanted to share with you what I think about TriCoreTraining. I use the online training plan service for triathlon training for more than a year now and I’m still happy that we created the service. Tricoretraining is the best training program. In the world of triathlon, finding […]

  • Winter is OVER … start your training NOW

    For many athletes time of recovery and unstructured training ends … although in many countries it is still cold (we have 11° C (52° F) here), you should get up from your couch and start your structured training.

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