My 1st Ironman – pain is temporary, pride is 4ever

On Aug 27th I finished my 1st Ironman in Podersdorf, Austria.

But first things first …

In 2003 a friend of mine told me about triathlon and he said that he will finish an Ironman before the age of 36. I didn’t dare to bet on this too. But from then on the thought about finishing an Ironman was always on my mind. My poor wife had to bear part of the burden because some holidays were moved or canceled, a lot of weekends spent for workouts and all the time she heard me talking about it.

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Find the right beat

Try this great little software – Tangerine!

It analyzes the rhythm of your music and generates you a playlist of songs which fit to your training plan. With the right beats per minute (BPM) and beat intensity of your songs you can use faster songs to become faster ;).

It’s all done in your iTunes music library. Right now the software costs around 25$.



Why I love TriCoreTraining

After I finished a 100km bike workout, I wanted to share with you what I think about TriCoreTraining. I use the online training plan service for triathlon training for more than a year now and I’m still happy that we created the service.

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Update – news from China

Photo by 尧智 林 on Unsplash
Photo by 尧智 林 on Unsplash

Currently I am in China (Shenzhen) and try to find out how far triathlon is spread in this country beside some private stuff ;).

Update – list of new features

Today I updated again with the following features:

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