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  • Now it's time, the race starts soon

    Two weeks before your race are very important. These PEAK-weeks (if they appear in your training schedule) shall bring your body to your personal peak of your effectiveness (PEAKING). Please stick to your training schedule and don’t overtrain you. You will be confronted with reduced extents in your last week to recover before your race.

  • How to do your swim workout in the right way?

    Swimming is the most technical discipline in triathlon. Bad swimmers Humans are not born to be good swimmers, because we have no flow line in the water and we can not breath under water.

  • How to use recovery as an advantage

    Your muscles and your endurance do not increase and develop during hard trainings but while recovery and regeneration. Many athletes are so ambitious that they forget this important premise. Recovery can be observed from many views.

  • I weight too much – can I do workouts?

    The optimal weight for your individual body is not easy to calculate. The BMI-factor is from a medical point of view not a perfect measurement, it is a raw classification whether you are overweighted or not. In general talk to your doctor before starting your workout. With too much weight and wrong ambition you can […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to Heart Rate Monitors for Triathlon and Running?

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on heart rate monitors for triathlon and running. In the world of endurance sports, where every heartbeat counts, a reliable heart rate monitor is your best training companion. Whether you’re a triathlete or a dedicated runner, monitoring your heart rate can provide invaluable insights into your performance. In this article, […]

  • What can go wrong until my race?

    Before a race most of the athletes are nervous because this is what you trained for. Many athletes do not come to their peak performance, because they fall into certain traps. Avoid the traps before your race

  • How do I find out my lactate threshold for running or biking?

    Have you ever pushed yourself to the point during a run or bike ride where your muscles scream and your breath becomes rapid and uncontrolled? This pivotal moment is closely tied to your lactate threshold – a critical metric for any endurance athlete. Understanding and identifying your threshold is not just for professional athletes; it’s […]

  • Boot camps are helpful?

    This depends on the rationality of the athlete. Yes, boot camps can be exciting and instructive, especially if you get a pro as a coach. But most of the time boot camps will be misused to do super-human extents in one or two weeks. The training schedules are ignored, and as a result you get […]

  • Do I need combined workouts?

    If you plan to participate at a triathlon race, then you should get used to trainings in a row. You should get used to it in your training phase and combine different training units.

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