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  • How to start my marathon training?

    Embarking on the journey of marathon training is an exhilarating challenge that marks the beginning of a transformative adventure in running. Whether you’re a seasoned runner aiming to set new records or a newcomer to the marathon scene, understanding the nuances of marathon training is crucial. This guide will illuminate the path to successfully start […]

  • Online Trainingplan for Marathons

    If you’re looking for an online training coach or software for your (half-) marathon training, then you’re at the right address. I trained for quite some time with a real training coach but soon I had to change this because of the lake of money and time. Tried so many After my search for online […]

  • Online Triathlon Training Plan: Your Solution for Exemplary Training

    The triathlon, an intense competition comprising swimming, cycling, and running, requires rigour, consistency, and dedication. An online triathlon training plan empowers athletes to enhance their performance, prepare efficiently, and reach their triathlon goals. This online guide provides the ideal structure and instructions for an athlete’s journey from training to the finish line.

  • How much time to plan for your training per year?

    There is no common valid formula, but there are some recommendations from sport coaches how many training hours per year you should invest per sport: (these values are from the brilliant book of Joe Friel)

  • What to do when you're on vacation?

    On my last sailing trip I stayed at the wonderful Mediterranean Sea but I had a bad feeling about not training too much! That shouldn’t be! Relax In my opinion you should relax on holiday. Vacations should be in your recovery weeks or after a main competition, then you won’t have bad feelings.

  • How does the training in winter look like?

    There is none. In the winter you should not hibernate and to get some holiday pounds. In the winter you are in the transition phase.You don’t stop training, but you have to keep a certain training level and to recover your body & soul.

  • Do I need recovery for a better fitness?

    Recovery is an important part of your training program. Having a break and recovering is not the same as missing a workout. Your body recovers, your cells regenerate, your muscles grow and your endurance increases. This is only possible in a recovery phase. And hell no, if you only have breaks then you won’t achieve […]

  • Why do I need defined races?

    If you simply want to do your training. No problem! Our TriCoreTraining system also works without defined races, but it’s more exciting with goals – believe me :-). My hint You should do races, if you want to train systematically. One or more main races are the goal of your training season and your training […]

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