Top 10 Tips for Marathons

I’m back from the Vienna City Marathon. Here are some things to think about when you want to have a great race. 1. Have a plan Plan your race and make a todo list. 2. Food is energy →Read more

How much do I have to drink during my workout?

During your training you should know when your body needs nutrition and liquids. Especially for longer workouts (more than 1.5 hours) you should not forget to eat and drink. Also during a race it’s essential to feed your body with new energy at the right moment. →Read more

Now it's time, the race starts soon

Two weeks before your race are very important. These PEAK-weeks (if they appear in your training schedule) shall bring your body to your personal peak of your effectiveness (PEAKING). Please stick to your training schedule and don’t overtrain you. You will be confronted with reduced extents in your last week to recover before your race. →Read more

How to use recovery as an advantage

Your muscles and your endurance do not increase and develop during hard trainings but while recovery and regeneration. Many athletes are so ambitious that they forget this important premise. Recovery can be observed from many views. →Read more