Now it's time, the race starts soon

Photo by Garry Neesam on Unsplash
Photo by Garry Neesam on Unsplash

Two weeks before your race are very important. These PEAK-weeks (if they appear in your training schedule) shall bring your body to your personal peak of your effectiveness (PEAKING). Please stick to your training schedule and don’t overtrain you.

You will be confronted with reduced extents in your last week to recover before your race.


Use races of no importance to prepare for your important races.

What to do on race day?

  • Use our checklist for your race (triathlon / marathon)
  • Don’t eat anything you’re not used to
  • Organization is the half race
  • Drink and eat at a regular base (2-3 bars / hour)
  • Don’t start above your speed
  • Race your competition constantly

Good luck for your race.