Terms and conditions

TriCoreTraining will be named with TCT in our terms and conditions. TCT is owned by Klaus-M. Schremser GmbH since May 2018.


TCT offers a service in the internet to create training plans for endurance athletes, sells products and (training) information.


The usage of interactive training plans of TCT and the usage of other products and services of TCT is based on these terms and conditions. Changes and amendments are obligatory if TCT publishes them here in writing.


TCT reserves the right to adapt prices also to existing PREMIUM memberships. You will be informed in writing 4 weeks before the change. Prices will be charged in EURO or US-Dollars. We use the payment solution of PAYPAL. This service is very trustful and is in use for many years. We do not store any credit card information at our servers. There might be 20% VAT included.


Registering for the memberships entitles us to contact you regularly. We send i.e. newsletter and automated emails on a regular base.

Delivery dates

The delivery of training plans, other products and services by TCT will be done as quickly as possible, but we can’t promise binding delivery dates. The customer receives her/his membership training plans on a weekly base, if this is not possible for whatever reasons, the member can cancel the membership after a 2-weeks failure of the service (after notice of failure). A pay-back of the already paid period is not possible. The remaining amount will be paid back. The customer must send us a notice directly after failure of the service.


The membership can be canceled after the end of a paid period. After submission of cancellation to TCT and cancellation at the payment service we will not charge you any more. The pay-back of already paid memberships fees is not possible, also not proportionally.

Reservation of title

Products and services, which are provided by TCT, are reserved in title and are owned by TCT until full payment of customer.

Exclusion of liability + compensation for damages

We exclude any liability for damages caused to members’ health, which might occur because of using our training plans or information of TCT. Before begin your training and during your training the member / customer is obliged to let a doctor attest a good state of health. Workouts have to be stopped immediately by the customer if any health problems occur.

Furthermore any compensation for damages are excluded. This also applies for compensations for damages of loss of profits, collatoral damages and consequential damages.

Privacy / Customer data

Customer data are handled confidentially and we will not hand over customer data to third parties except if the customer confirms this. Please refer to our Data Privacy Agreement for all information on GDPR etc.

Rights to use

If mis-abuse against the system occurs or against this terms and conditions, TCT is entitled to cancel the membership instantly without any pay-back.

Changes of terms and conditions

TCT reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. Existing customers will be informed in writing and have a 2 weeks extra cancellation right, afterwards the terms and conditions are automatically accepted.

Severability Clause
If some regulations of this terms and conditions are or become invalid, all other regulations are still valid. For the invalid regulation similar, valid regulation are used.

Court of jurisdiction

The court of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria.

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