Time-limited based trainings for triathlon and run races

(C) zoutedrop / Flickr
(C) zoutedrop / Flickr

Some time ago I had an interesting discussion with one of our members Günther.

Is it better to train with time-limits (for example run 10 km with 5:03 min/km pace) or heart-rate-zone based.

TriCoreTraining is based on a heart-rate-zone system. This means that you train in certain heart rate zones and go as fast as you can under your current training conditions.

Heart-rate zones based training

I really appreciate this kind of training because in my almost 15 years of training experience I also tried to train based on time-limits.

But I always went over my limits and suffered afterwards with less speed and a need for more recovery. If your training plan tells you that you have to go with a 4:55 min/km pace but your body is not as fit as you need to be on this day, most people tend to overtrain with a worse result than if you just go with the speed and power your body is relatively able to do.

Ready to go

Since I chanced my training and only train with the TriCoreTraining system using my heart rate zones and the different kinds of training (for speed, power and endurance), I’m stronger and fitter than ever. Btw. yesterday I did a 25km run in morning before working and the last 2,5 km I went with full speed (4:55 pace) without any aftereffects. I feel stronger than ever, so I about going for my first IRONMAN this year.