Top 10 Tips for Marathons

Photo by Pietro Rampazzo on Unsplash
Photo by Pietro Rampazzo on Unsplash

I’m back from the Vienna City Marathon. Here are some things to think about when you want to have a great race.

1. Have a plan

Plan your race and make a todo list.

2. Food is energy

Get up early and eat 3 hours before your start. Eat only food you’ve already tested and that feels well for you. Eat carb to fill your long-time energy storage. DON’T FORGET to go to the toilet before you leave. 🙂

3. Weather and clothes

Check the weather forcast and take the right clothes with you. Tape your nibbles and use cream (Vaseline) for preventing excoriation.

4. Before the start

Warm-up a little bit. Start slow. Avoid to speed up in the beginning.

5. Speed

Set a realistic time to finish, calculate your pace and keep your speed. If you’re still fit at kilometer 35, you can speed up.

6. Nutrition

Don’t get your nutrition at the beginning of the nutrition tables, go to the middle or end, eat and drink there. Only eat and drink stuff, you’ve already tried. Your stomage will love you for that. Gels should be eaten with water. Don’t drink more than 250-500 ml/hour.

7. The last 10 kilometers

The last 10 kilometers are hard, use the audience to keep up your motivation. If you have to walk, walk for short time and then continue running.

8. At the finish line

Don’t sprint at the finish line, speed up earlier and keep a higher speed. Don’t stop behind the finish line, continue walking.

10. After the run

Don’t forget clothes to change.

10a. Don’t be ashame to consult a doctor

If you feel heavy pain, consult a doctor or ambulance at the race or afterwards. Extreme races often uncover medical problems.

Now start your training and go for your 1st marathon.

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