The long way to Kona (Ironman Hawaii)

Ironman Hawaii
Photo by Wild & Away on Unsplash

The Ironman in Hawaii is the final goal for all passionate triathlon athletes. This race is special, has extreme conditions, is in extreme environment, everything is extreme.

But the final goal after 140 miles / 226 km is proud!

3,8 km (2.36 miles) swim, 180km (111 miles) bike, 42km (26 miles) run.

During your swim you fight against salt water, waves, current, the bike track is dominated by strong wind, uneven road and the final run is accompanied by extreme heat, humidity and loooooong tracks.

But it’s the best thing you can do as a triathlete!

If you want to become an Ironman / Ironwoman yourself, just start training.

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