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Many of the existing online coaches have a lot of complex statistics and reports. But most of the time this gives you no clear hint, what is important and what not.

Statistics/reports can be very interesting but as you don’t have a lot of time, we reduced the amount of reports. We decided to offer you only 5 statistical reports.

How fit am I?

The “Acute Training Load” (ATL) shows you, how much load your body has to handle and this shows you your fatigue (how tired your body is). It uses the training impulse (TRIMP) and accumulates it for the last 7 days.


The “Chronic Training Load” (CTL) shows you the grade of your fitness. It uses the training impulse (TRIMP) and accumulates it for the last 45 days. Interesting article about ATL & CTL.

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How fast am I?

Workouts having the same description will be displayed in a formcurve graph (like “my test run”). You can observe for a specific sport type whether you became faster or not. This statistic is shown in time / distance (i.e. min / km).

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Can I finish my race?

The shown signal light tells you how much of your training schedule you have finished. If it is green, then you will finish your main race perfectly, if it is orange, then you train too much or too less. If it turns red, it’s the same in real life, then take a break and think about what went wrong. The training system tells you that you won’t finish your main competition as planned.

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What have I achieved?

This statistical report gives you a summary of your efforts, durations, distances and training impulses (TRIMPs) for this season or a given time. Furthermore you see your distances or durations in charts.

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What have I lost?

This statistic shows you the changes of your weight and your weight goals.

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