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Photo by Simon Connellan on Unsplash
Photo by Simon Connellan on Unsplash

If you simply want to do your training. No problem!

Our TriCoreTraining system also works without defined races, but it’s more exciting with goals – believe me :-).

My hint

You should do races, if you want to train systematically. One or more main races are the goal of your training season and your training plan will bring you there. The TriCoreTraining system allows you to define 3 main races per season and as many unimportant races as you want (they can help you checking your fitness).

Finish your last boot camp 1.5 months before a main race.

Tapering & Peaking

Two weeks before a main race the training load will be reduced to give your body the chance to recover, before you go to the race (known as tapering) . So you can climb to your peak of your performance (known as peaking).

Heavy training workouts before your races, because you have the feeling of not having trained enough, are not beneficary.

Races within a short time period can be done in the same peak. If you have more main competitions which are spread over your season, then you have to climb more peaks.


After a race you will receive a recovery time. Also track your races in your diary.

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