Winter is OVER … start your training NOW

Photo by Jonathan Knepper on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Knepper on Unsplash

For many athletes time of recovery and unstructured training ends … although in many countries it is still cold (we have 11° C (52° F) here), you should get up from your couch and start your structured training.

Fat – go away

Shout a loud “LEAVE NOW” to your fat pads and start slow but longer running workouts. If it’s warm enough, check your bike and go for your first ride or clean your indoor trainer. A good basic in shape reduces injuries in the competitive season.

First step?

Check your training clothes and equipment. Let your Doc check your body.

Second step?

Go out, take a deep breath and start your first workout for this awesome season.

Third step?

Register at TriCoreTraining and get a FREE try with our interactive, online coach.

Fourth step?

Have a great shape & body for the summer :).


Stay on the couch …

PS: I already started my training with TriCoreTraining and lost 8 kilogramms (~18 lbs). 10% less weight makes me hopefully 10% faster :).

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