What can go wrong until my race?

Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash
Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash

Before a race most of the athletes are nervous because this is what you trained for. Many athletes do not come to their peak performance, because they fall into certain traps.

Avoid the traps before your race

  1. If you trained enough, you don’t have to add workouts in the last week before your race. Workouts need 7-21 days to trigger reactions in your body and you want to keep your peak for your main competition.
  2. On the last day before the competition you should do a short but fast unit. Signal your body  to be ready.
  3. Do I have to eat a lot more carbs in the week before the race or should I do carbo-loading? The topics around nutrition is very controversial. In general it’s the best that you form your own opinion and you read about theories about nutrition. In my opinion increased carbs 1-2 days before the race is enough.
  4. No checklist for your competition? It hurts if you forgot something on the race day. Create your own checklist and go through every item before any race. Many races are on Sundays, so don’t forget that most shops are closed.
  5. Missing support team. Races – especially triathlons – need a lot of organisation – a helping hand can be a big advantage.
  6. Sleep enough in advance – don’t stay up too long – arrive one day before the race at the racing location!
  7. Don’t eat something unknown at racing day. At your hotel or pension there are delicious new things to try but maybe your stomach does not like them. So be careful!
  8. Check our equipment (especially your bike)

Hope this helps you having a fantastic and successful race!